Most relevant skills


C++, PHP, HTML, Java, Python, Api, Wordpress, and PLC


Control, Automation, Robotics, Electronics, and Electrical Machine,

Graphics and Animation

Blender, Blender Game, Photoshop, and Video Editing.

Most recent projects

Material list WordPress Plugin

In this WordPress plugin we can create in every page or post a product list, where we can select one element for each list, and once submitted we can see one recap of every element selected, meanwhile, all the information will be sent to an email to the client. Once…

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Society info plugin

This project is a WordPress plugin, in detail, where the plugin has been requested by a Deudesh client. The plugin has the role to manage a large number of data, with the purpose to create the web-page footer for German companies. They must include this information in their web-page, on…

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Web site

In this project a web-site with back-end and front-end has been asked, where the owner required to have a web-site using mysql, boostrap, and other application, but he did not want nor wordpress either joomla, then I had to start from an empty page. With the back-end you can manage…

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