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In this WordPress plugin we can create in every page or post a product list, where we can select one element for each list, and once submitted we can see one recap of every element selected, meanwhile, all the information will be sent to an email to the client.

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Once the plugin has been installed, we can proceed with the configuration, into the back-end page.

We have the possibility to add two kinds of list, the first we can set a label for each element, whilst the second allow to join an image for each element. For each image list, we can set-up the image size (pixel). For both, we can set-up a price for each element. We can create as many lists we want.

Once added all the elements for each list, we can proceed with the email set-up. This email will be the sender of the recap email to the client.

At this point we can copy the shortcode in every page or post, you can find it at the front-end page beginning.

Then we can see the result page or post, all the lists set with all the elements will be listed. Where we can select one element for each list. In the end, the client finds a form to be filled, once submitted, there is a recap of every element selected with the total price, the same information will be sent to the client by mail.

In the following, we can see the plugin behavior video!

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