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C++, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Python, NodeJS, Api, Wordpress, and PLC


Control, Automation, Robotics, Electronics, and Electrical Machine, Arduino, PCB, Raspberry

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SCRUM method, Agile project management, Business planning

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Augmented reality for industry

[Reading time 5 minutes] Augmented reality, for sure, is a technology that brings many advantages, it helps the ecological transformation, and it is possible to have some government incentives. It depends on your state. Augmented reality in industrial applications can have many uses, for example, staff training or helping another…

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Augmented reality for your business

Nowadays, business needs some innovations, and one of the most relevant is augmented reality (AR). It may help in many fields. We can use AR for staff training or provide your clients with a more immersive product illustration digitally showing the showcase. The above examples are just a minimum of…

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Dynamic control

Dynamic control is an automaton branch, then a robotics field. Given the desired values of the kinematic control, it computes the motor wanted force to reach the desired position. Think of the dynamic control as a black box with some input and outputs. In input, we have the referring trajectory…

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