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C++, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Python, NodeJS, Api, Wordpress, and PLC


Control, Automation, Robotics, Electronics, and Electrical Machine, Arduino, PCB, Raspberry

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SCRUM method, Agile project management, Business planning

Most recent projects

Dynamic control

Dynamic control is an automaton branch, then a robotics field. Given the desired values of the kinematic control, it computes the motor wanted force to reach the desired position. Think of the dynamic control as a black box with some input and outputs. In input, we have the referring trajectory…

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Kinematic control

Kinematic control is an automaton branch, then a robotics field, it has to generate the joint system position. The robot can be composed of a single rigid body or multiple rigid bodies connected. Many rigid bodies make the kinematic chain, increasing joint number and improving the system complexity. Often the…

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Motion planning

Given two points, starting and ending, the path planning is the robotic field computes the robot path. The most accessible path planning is the straight line. In that case, there is no need for a complicated computational cost, assuming no obstacle on the path. The last case is too easy.…

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