Most relevant skills


C++, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Python, NodeJS, Api, Wordpress, and PLC


Control, Automation, Robotics, Electronics, and Electrical Machine, Arduino, PCB, Raspberry

Graphics and Animation

Blender, Blender Game, Photoshop, and Video Editing.

Most recent projects

Raspberry PI

Recently a client asked me to develop a program for the Raspberry PI 3. It was a very pleasure for me, due to the fact it has been some time that I was not working with this wonderful object. Leaving the sentimentality to the back. The first thing that I…

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Crop Image

In this article we will introduce an option, that you can add to your website during the image upload process. This option may become useful when your users have to upload an image and they have to select a precise are of the image. This option will do this work,…

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OCR recognition Python there come up the need to convert printed or handed text to digital text, this particular operation is named OCR (Optimal Character Recognition), this helps us to convert the data.Many times we need to convert some pdf or image to string then digital text, it permits to gain much…

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